Tennis Mesh® is the web app for finding tennis partners to play tennis with. Our mission is to connect tennis players and create a welcoming community for all good natured and civilized people therefore this is a free service. It will be our privilege to have everyone interested in tennis to be on this web app and make it the best tennis community globally. If you are looking to find tennis players near you or in another area to play tennis with you have come to the right place. We are involved with the tennis community and have been working diligently to solve this problem. We strive to make this an inclusive tennis community for tennis players of all levels so that everyone can find tennis partners near them or in another area for playing tennis. We have tennis players of all levels in our network - beginner, intermediate and advanced so that people of all levels have a better chance of finding a tennis partner. Whether you're looking to hit, practice, rally or play matches we have people with all preferences and you can specify yours as well. In essence this is how to find tennis hitting partners, practice partners, rallying partners, sparring partners and players for playing tennis matches. While you have been looking for tennis partners in your area we have been working to make it easier for you to find other tennis players in your area. Whether you're looking for social, recreational or competitive tennis there are people with all preferences. Tennis Mesh is like a flexible and open tennis league or tennis club for the people where you can find local tennis players online to play competitive games, sets and matches and you can mutually decide whether you want to play on your court or one suggested by your tennis pal. We want you to be able to find a tennis buddy for pick up tennis nearby potentially in the neighborhood or in another area both local and global and use us to create the tennis link and meet up for a tennis round or a tennis clash. You can express your interest in other sports as well and connect with people to play other sports also. The search results for players are based on your profile location and a rough linear distance range. The Tennis Mesh LLC contact information is here. Kindly read "we" as Tennis Mesh LLC. Our goal is that you are able to connect with more and more tennis players as we continue to grow our global tennis network.